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PAUL HEWITT bracelets

PAUL HEWITT jewellery is unique. Whether it’s a PHREP bracelet, ANCUFF bangle or a knot bracelet – with the characteristic PAUL HEWITT anchor, they all consistently make a clear statement about the maritime, cosmopolitan lifestyle. A bit of the sea for you; sea to carry, sea to enjoy, sea as an accessory, sea to experience, every day!

For men, women, everyone!

Are bracelets only for women? That is the old school of thought; it is not something that fits into the world of PAUL HEWITT and least of all the maritime lifestyle! So, if you like PAUL HEWITT bracelets or bangles, then wear them! Confidently! With charisma! With pleasure!


The name “PHREP” is a neologism taken from the initials of PAUL HEWITT (PH) and the term “PREPPY”. The “preppy style” embodies a classic-maritime clothing style with especially colourful accents. PHREPS – these are the PAUL HEWITT anchor bracelets. Bracelets which are clasped shut with an anchor, our trademark. There is no better way to express your affinity to the sea and cosmopolitan outlook! Are your arms strong like a sailor’s or delicate like a mermaid’s? PAUL HEWITT has the right anchor bracelet for everyone because our PHREPS are available in up to seven different sizes – and in numerous combinations. The robust maritime model made from nylon has a brass anchor. For anyone who would rather have their wrist caressed by a bracelet made from durable bonded leather, PAUL HEWITT has an extensive range on offer. Choose the anchor clasp to suit your taste: an anchor made from stainless steel in ion-plated gold, rose gold or silver. Whatever model you opt for, first-class quality and durability characterise all materials used to make PAUL HEWITT bracelets.

#getAnchored to things you love!


Minimalist, nautical and wonderfully elegant: this is a very apt description for our ANCUFFS bracelets with their unique anchor design. The most direct statement, as it were, that you can wear on your skin (apart from, of course, a seamanlike tattoo). The ion-plated stainless steel bracelets are available in three different sizes. And in three colours: gold, rose gold and (stainless steel) silver.

PAUL HEWITT knot bracelets

Our knot bracelets are inspired by seafaring: the bands made from nylon encircle your wrist with two nautical monkey’s fists. Monkey’s fists? Exactly. In seafaring, this knot is also known as a monkey fist or heaving line knot and is used to weigh down the end of a throwline. These days, people often use it as a decorative knot, like we do. The knot bracelets have become characteristic of PAUL HEWITT bracelets due to our trademark symbol, the anchor, which is integrated here as a stainless steel pendant. It is available in the three characteristic (it can probably be said) PAUL HEWITT colours: silver, gold and rose gold. The knot bracelets come in many different colours. Particularly impressive from a visual point of view are the bands that combine two colours, for example, navy blue and red.

#getAnchored to things you love!