Free shipping within Europe for orders above 90 EUR

Payment options

Advance payment/bank transfer

Immediately on receipt of your order we email you our account details to allow you to transfer to us the outstanding purchase price. You can make the transfer either directly online or by using one of your bank's straightforward transfer forms. As soon as the outstanding payment for purchasing the goods is credited to our account the order will be dispatched immediately by us.

Credit card payment

Just select your credit card type saved as a favourite from our credit card payment section. VISA and Mastercard are accepted by us. For credit card payments we require your card number, the expiry data and the security number on the back of the card. As soon as we have received the 'green light for shipping' from the company 'Secupay' contracted by us after having checked your credit card details as entered, your order is shipped immediately to you.

PayPal purchase

PayPal allows you to pay easily, fast, securely and reliably Provided you have a PayPal account you only need your email address and password to make a payment. In addition, your purchase is protected by purchaser's protection. Your order is shipped once the money is received. Depending on the payment method this may be immediately (e.g. with payment by PayPal credit, direct debit or credit card) or with processing time (e.g. with payment by bank transfer).