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Set Lobster Charm and Bracelet Gold


Set Lobster Charm and Pearl Bracelet Gold

From €61 €68

Prices incl. VAT

Set Lobster Charm and Pearl Bracelet Gold
From €61 €68

Prices incl. VAT

Auswahl - Kettenart

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About this product
This piece of jewelry is made from 100% recycled steel.
Free delivery*
2 Year Warranty
Product details
Collection: Charms
Material: Recycled steel (MARINIUM®)
Colour Jewellery: Gold
Order number: PA-SET-CH-L-B-G
Product description

Lobster Charm

The new LOBSTER Charm is not only unique and stylish but also has an important meaning for marine life. Lobsters are a meaningful part of the ocean's ecosystem and play a crucial role in maintaining the balance in the sea. By wearing this charming LOBSTER charm, you can show your love and support for these fascinating creatures and the ocean.

The LOBSTER Charm is made from MARINIUM® Ocean Steel, our own recycled steel that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This versatile charm can be worn on a variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, making it a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.