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Minimalist, nautical and wonderfully elegant: this is a very apt description for our ANCUFFS bracelets with their unique anchor design. The most direct statement, as it were, that you can wear on your skin (apart from, of course, a seamanlike tattoo). The ANCUFF bracelets are made of fine stainless steel, polished and then IP coated. This multi-stage production process with careful quality control ensures that you will be able to enjoy the PAUL HEWITT ANCUFFS for years to come.

For every wrist!

As always with PAUL HEWITT, the choice is yours: The ANCUFFS are available in rose gold, gold and stainless steel. And: They are available in three different sizes or diameters so as to supplely envelop both delicate and strong wrists. If you are not quite sure what size fits you best, here is our recommendation: For an optimal fit, we recommend size S ANCUFFS for a wrist circumference of up to 15 cm, size M for a circumference of up to 16.5 cm, and size L for a wrist circumference of 18 cm and up.

Simply put on!

PAUL HEWITT ANCUFFS are easy to put on: Place one end of the bracelet opening between the elbow and radius of your forearm and then push the other side around your arm.

In the shape of an anchor

Speaking of anchors. Let us take the opportunity to have a closer look at this seafaring object. An anchor is used to anchor a vessel to the bed of a lake, sea or river so that it is not carried off by wind, waves, currents or other forces. Our ANCUFFs, with their trademark anchor, make the perfect gift thanks to their simple elegance and symbolic character: “Show your love - and cast the anchor!”

Simple, beautiful & combinable

Whether on the same arm or on the other arm, you can of course also wear the bracelet in combination with a PAUL HEWITT wristwatch or a PHREPS bracelet. See what suits you and your style!

#getAnchored to things you love!