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The North Bound wrap bracelets are made of the finest leather that is "Made in Germany". Wrapped around your wrist, they instantly become a real eye-catcher. And they embody the typical North German PAUL HEWITT style: clear, discreet, with a hint of understatement, but beautiful and impressive at the same time.

Twice as good!

NORTH BOUND has two distinctive features: the double winding of the fine leather strap and the iconic PAUL HEWITT anchor, which is used as a refined and chic clasp. The smooth leather flatters your wrist; it feels good in any situation. And the anchor keeps it in place, just like a real anchor.

#getAnchored to things you love!

Beautiful colours!

If you like leather and a nice bracelet, then "wrap yourself up" in NORTH BOUND. So that NORTH BOUND precisely fits your style, you can choose your favourite leather colour. In addition to classic black, there are brown and grey!

Drop anchor!

For the NORTH BOUND leather bracelet, you can choose the colour of the anchor. The choice of colours is simple, beautiful, classic: silver, black, gold and rose gold, each made of ion-plated stainless steel. You can combine the anchor and leather bracelet according to your particular taste. How about Rose Gold-Niagara? Or Silver-Bermuda? See what you like! (And if you can't decide, why not choose two?) By the way, the length of the anchor is 3 centimetres.

It fits!

The PAUL HEWITT NORTH BOUND wrap bracelet fits every wrist because it is available in two lengths: 37.5 and 42.5 centimetres. In addition, each bracelet has seven holes so you can easily customise the length using the anchor clasp.

#getAnchored to things you love!

A perfect fit!

What a beautiful pair! This allure! This maritime elegance! This look! When you have a PAUL HEWITT watch and a NORTH BOUND bracelet on your wrist, they go together wonderfully. Or you can do the watch on one arm and the bracelet on the other. This is also a good look – a clear maritime statement. See how you like it!

The perfect gift!

NORTH BOUND bracelets are the perfect gift. If you want to show your loved one how connected you feel to them, simply surprise them with a NORTH BOUND. If they don't have a fear of being tied up and like elaborate entanglements, then the NORTH BOUND will bind you closer together. Drop the anchor!