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Necklaces and bracelet

When noble material meets the elements of the north, unique PAUL HEWITT jewelry collections arise: ANCHOR SPIRIT and NORTH LOVE. The jewelry are manufactured from fine 925 silver – available in silver or with gold plating in gold or rose gold.

ANCHOR SPIRIT – all about the anchor

The anchor, iconic symbol of the north and of PAUL HEWITT, becomes a noble piece of jewelry in the ANCHOR SPIRIT collection. The anchor as jewelry? Of course! Not only does it indicate a connection of the wearer to the north and to a maritime and cosmopolitan lifestyle, the anchor also is an old and classic symbol for loyalty.

Necklace or bracelet

The robust and massive anchor from seafaring, burying into the seabed and granting stability, transforms into a delicate and filigree piece of jewelry, refined with an elaborate engraving, in the ANCHOR SPIRIT collection. With ANCHOR SPIRIT you can decorate your neck or your wrist (or both). ANCHOR SPIRIT necklace and bracelet are available in the three popular designs gold, rose gold or silver – according to your desires. The bracelet is size adjustable – so it fits to every wrist. Speaking of anchor and loyalty: Do you want to show your loyalty and attachment to a loved person? How about an ANCHOR SPIRIT piece of jewelry as a gift?

#getAnchored to things you love!

NORTH LOVE – all about the heart

The heart is for sure the most popular and famous sign at all – that’s why it is allowed to anchor in the PAUL HEWITT jewelry collection NORTH LOVE. With the fine engraving “PAUL HEWITT, NORTHERN GERMANY”, the pendant becomes a real North German heart. A heart expressing the love to the ocean, to nautical traditions and to a maritime lifestyle. A heart that suits to you!

A heart to give away

The NORTH LOVE necklace from PAUL HEWITT is available in the three variants gold, rose gold and silver. This diversity and of course the strong symbol make the necklace an ideal gift. Presented with the fitting words, the heart of your loved one will be reached for sure. “Like the wind moves the waves, you make me feel deeply moved with your manner and your grace – in such a way, that my heart leans towards you.”

#getAnchored to things you love!