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Be inspired and enter the fantastic world of PAUL HEWITT. Simply use our hashtags #paulhewitt or #getAnchored and become a part of the PAUL HEWITT family.

Welcome to the world of PAUL HEWITT

PAUL HEWITT offers iconic watches, jewellery and accessories which are anchored in the maritime world of Northern Germany. Created by us for people who appreciate tradition and provenance, but who like to feel the wind on their faces all over the world. In other words, it’s created for people like you!

Our North German Way of Life – Made Wearable
The sea air that blows around our faces. The sound of waves, the cries of seagulls. The sea which refreshes us in the summer. The beaches which invite us for long winter walks. This is our world. This is where we are at home; this is where we are anchored. The anchor – that’s why it’s the symbol of PAUL HEWITT. Enjoy this world and quench your yearning: #getAnchored to the world of PAUL HEWITT.

Our World – Your Style
Whether it’s on PAUL HEWITT watches, watchstraps or accessories, you’ll find our anchor everywhere. Get the maritime feel, the tradition and the clarity in your life. PAUL HEWITT watches suit you. Because you make it so that they fit you and your style. Configure watches to your taste – with PAUL HEWITT, you have the choice.

You like it clear, but at the same time elegant? Then dive into our Signature Line watch collection.

PAUL HEWITT Watch Signature Line

The Signature Line watch collection represents an authentic piece of timelessness, inspired by the nautical tradition of precise measurement instruments. A faithful companion, appropriate for any occasion in its simplicity and elegance and whose maritime appearance is a reminder of old ship clocks. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a premium RONDA clockwork framed with the finest stainless steel and the German-made leather watchstraps underline the outstanding quality of the Signature Line watches. The watch case is available in the ion-plated colours of gold, rose-gold and silver. And then you can also choose the sea: would you rather look at the White Ocean (white dial) or the Black Sea (black dial)? (Can’t decide? Then hook yourself both versions – and each day you can decide anew whether it’s going to be a bright or a dark day for you...)

If you like a style that puts more emphasis on clarity and simplicity, be sure to check out our PAUL HEWITT Sailor Line watch collection.

PAUL HEWITT Watch Sailor Line

This is where stylish understatement meets Northern German reliability. The ultra-flat housing available in ion-plated rose-gold, gold or silver frames the white (White Sand model) or navy blue (Blue Lagoon model) dial-plate. Here too, work is done solely with high-quality materials – scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a clockwork from the Swiss company RONDA and stainless steel housing.

Customising Watches

In addition to the dial-plate, it is especially the watchband that offers you the opportunity to emphasise your own style. Perlon straps are an athletic and colourful variant: they give the watch a chic maritime tradition paired with youthful athleticism. You prefer leather? Then choose one of the German-made leather straps for your PAUL HEWITT wristwatch. Durable, of course – and available in many fine colour tones.

If you want it just a touch more premium, then you can wrap your PAUL HEWITT watch around your wrist with a stainless steel bracelet made from special Milanese mesh. The name can be tracked back to its place of origin – Milan. Fine metal wires are connected in a complex production process, leading to a robust metal mesh. The result: a cool, elegant and absolutely timeless Nordic look. #getAnchored to things you love.

PAUL HEWITT Watchstraps

PAUL HEWITT watchstraps are unmistakable. Whether the ANCUFF bracelet or the PHREPS watchstrap – with the exemplary PAUL HEWITT anchor, they are always a timeless statement of a maritime, cosmopolitan lifestyle. A piece of the sea (for dreaming) on the wrist – for women and men alike.


The name PHREPS is a word created from the initials of PAUL HEWITT (PH) and the term PREPPY. “Preppy style” embodies classic maritime-style clothing with especially colourful accents. PHREPS – that’s our PAUL HEWITT anchor bracelets. Bracelets that are closed with an anchor – our trademark. There’s no better way of expressing your connection to the sea and, at the same time, your openness to the world! Your arms are as strong as a sailor’s or as delicate as those of a mermaid? PAUL HEWITT has the matching anchor bracelet for everyone. Because our PHREPS are available in up to seven different sizes – and in many combinations. The nylon model with its own brass anchor has a maritime and robust appearance. For those who prefer wrapping a watchstrap made of leather fibres around their wrist – PAUL HEWITT offers a wide selection. The anchor clasp can also be chosen according to your taste: an anchor made of stainless steel in ion-plated gold, rose-gold or silver. Whichever model you decide on: first-class quality and durability characterise all the materials used in PAUL HEWITT bracelet. #getAnchored to things you love.


Minimalist, nautical and wonderfully elegant – that’s how you can aptly describe our ANCUFFS bracelets with their unique anchor shape. The most direct sea statement, so to speak, that you can wear on your skin (except for maritime tattoos, of course). The ion-plated stainless steel bracelets are available in three different sizes. By the way, putting PAUL HEWITT ANCUFFS on is quite simple: put one end of the bracelet opening between the radius and ulna on your forearm and then push the other side around your arm. It’s that easy: #getAnchored to things you love.

PAUL HEWITT Accessories

Besides the three big ones (watches, watchstraps, bracelets), there’s a fourth big feature in the world of PAUL HEWITT: accessories. Accessories with anchor characteristics: belts, cufflinks, ear studs, ties and bow ties. All with maritime beauty, simple elegance and full of style. You will love them!

PAUL HEWITT – A Typical Name in Northern Germany?

You wonder why we as a North German company have so many English names? The culprit is – of course – love. Early in the 20th century, a tailor originally from around London named PAUL EDWARD HEWITT immigrated to Oldenburg in Northern Germany because of his love for a young lady from the Prussian-Frisian region. Soon enough, he was following his previous professional passion and found in his new home the perfect symbiosis of British elegance and the North German grasp of quality – and established a reputable shop for classic men’s clothing and accessories. Looking for a suitable name for his own company more than 100 years later, his great-grandson found this inspiring story in the family memoirs. And he named his watch, jewellery and accessories label PAUL HEWITT – always determined to follow the tradition of his ancestors and to develop unique quality products with a North German identity.

Incidentally, while we’re speaking of love: PAUL HEWITT watches, jewellery and accessories are also ideal as gifts. Show your love – and throw the anchor!